Monday, 1 September 2014

Eat to Live and Vegan MOFO

Hi, readers!

Today is the first day of Vegan MOFO 2014 & I've eaten...  nothing.

Okay, that sounds a bit odd - but hear me out!

My Other Half and I have decided, for health & wellness, to do a six week Eat to Live (following Dr. Joel Furhman's advice) plan to reinvigorate our healthy eating habits & kick nasty habits to the curb. This all means, however, that there is a 24 hour  fasting period to begin the six week programme.

It ends tonight, however, around 8 PM when we will be enjoying some vegan sushi and salads from Yo! Sushi. This had been planned for several weeks before beginning the plan, and so we aren't going to cancel it, rather just stick as closely to the eating plan as possible whilst we enjoy sushi after a good six months of no vegan sushi rolls!

Tomorrow, we will start the day with fruit and nuts and then follow up with a big salad for lunch, including beans, some limited quantities whole grains, seeds and the like.

Dinner will be a similar story with photos to come!

Two photos - both rather artsy and including food - of a bee rescue mission in our kitchen and a shot of some jackfruit marinating in BBQ sauce from last night's dinner! Looks a bit like pineapple floating in starry outer space! 

These photos are also available to view in daily updates on my Instagram, artsymofo_ 

Thanks for reading & healthy (and delicious) food photos and recipes to come! 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Preparing for Vegan MOFO

Welcome to my blog, My Artsy Vegan MOFO 2014 - my first Vegan MOFO ever!

As it's halfway through August, and the MOFO starts on 1 September, I have started a bit of prep, both mentally and in the kitchen, for the MONTH OF VEGAN FOOD! 

Now, in our house, every month is a vegan month, but I shall do my best to utilise this time in September to really document and showcase what can be done in the kitch around college, work, and other life commitments to make delicious, sometimes nutrient-dense vegan eats.

To start off, it might be best to make it clear the sorts of equipment I have at my disposal. Listed below are the main components of my kitchen repertoire.

  • A big sharp knife. This may sound simple, but I use this knife for everything. It's a Tesco Professional Go Cook knife. I wouldn't say it's the very best for chopping lots of veg, as my wrist does tire from using it and a kabuki knife (that's the big flat one for chopping veg, right?) might be more suited to mincing and dicing, but it's what I've gotp
  • A couple chopping boards. A small one and a big one - nothing special, made from some sort of white plastic and warped from the hot temperatures in my dishwasher.
  • A big, deep nonstick skillet. This is used daily in our house for making anything and everything. It's large enough to accommodate a lot of veg at once, i.e. in stir fries or for wilting greens. A big skillet is essential for this.
  • An InsantPot. This is a pressure cooker that allows me to cook soaked beans in under 20 minutes of pressure cooking time, steam beets in less than half an hour, and generally cook things very efficiently and quickly with little loss of nutrients. I was lucky enough to receive this as a gift from a friend and it has been a dream to work with - it does everything from steam to saute to slow cook. 
  • A food processor. I have two of these - a stick blender with a processing bowl attachment, and a stand processor with a larger bowl, about 2 litres in capacity... Nothing fancy, but really essential in this house.
  • A weekly organic veg box. This means that what we eat will be mainly seasonal. We may still pick up other ingredients from the shop, but at least some of the ingredients will be in-season and organic. 
  • Cookbooks galore. I will probably add another section to cover which cookbooks I will be focusing on during the MOFO. At the moment, our household is on track to good health and doing lots of fitness and introducing more raw foods into our diet, avoiding so much bread, pasta and potatoes and opting instead for other healthy options like zucchini pasta and the like. This has been especially inspired by Thrive Foods by Brendan Brazier. The recipes in this book are quite simple and nutrient-dense.
Living in a not-so-progressive English town, I am sometimes limited in what can be sourced from local shops. Living on a budget means that even when some things are available online, I will sometimes have to opt out or go for a cheaper alternative. Hopefully this will prove beneficial for some readers who perhaps are in similar situations and cannot always source the 'proper' ingredients as suggested by the recipe author. 

I have tentatively listed this blog in the Vegan MOFO database as a healthy food blog. As stated, our household is focusing on health currently, and health and fitness are key factors in my life, so there will be a focus on healthy foods, exploring new foods and preparation methods, and perhaps on a bit of the fitness aspects of the foods, i.e. protein-rich, high-carb, or foods to aid in recovery.

So, you might be asking yourself by this point, What's the arsty bit? As I am an art student, and need to constantly be exploring artistic media and forming new ideas and expressions of art, I will attempt to include, with every post, an artistic expression. This might be a sketch, sculpture, print, experimentation in a new medium, or even a feature of an artist that I have been researching, although I would like to keep it to things that I have made myself. This is not a typical feature of vegan MOFO, but it's my blog, so I guess that's okay.

For now, that is all there is to it. More prep posts will follow with a bit of insight into how I plan to execute this autumnal MOFO. Please feel free to suggest that I follow your vegan MOFO blog in the comments section - I am happy to take suggestions and be inspired by your blogs!